Friday, December 19, 2008

ACP - Appling County Pellets

BTU per pound: 8200

Ash content: less than 1%

Wood Type: Mixed Hard with less than 5% pine

Fines: TBA

A relative new pellet producer my experience with ACP pellets thus far is a positive one. They are a different pellet than what I am accustom to. The diameter thickness is among the largest I have seen, they claim 8mm. For a stove like a Whitfield that relies on air alone to clear out the spent ash from the burn pot this larger pellet works very well.

There are virtually no clinkers with this pellet, however they do produce a very significant amount of ash. It tends to be a light fluffy ash (which also adds to the good performance in my Whitfield). In terms of volume of ash it is dramatically higher than any of the other pellets reviewed here. I was not to worried about the ash though because is was a very light, and clinkers were almost non existent.

This is a surprisingly good pellet, and a little outside the norm (large diameter). I would add they work particularly well in a Whitfield style stove, if you can live with a lot more frequent ash removal, I can recommend this pellet.

*Update- I have switched stoves recently to a Harman P61 (best stove I have owned and I have owned many). The ACP pellets do not burn as well, no problem with klinkers but literally 4 times more ash as a true premium. These are not premium pellets, there is no PFI seal on them. They claim that they are, but from what I have observered they produce likely over 3% ash. 10 bags fills the P61 ash pan.

Please add you experience with this pellet in the comments section.

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  1. The pellets tend to break easily so you have to be careful how you handle the bags or you will have a good bit of fines.
    High marks on heat output, but lots of ash. Not a problem for me since I clean my stove every 2 days.
    However, there are better pellets out there so I would not pay a high price for these.

  2. I have been using these pellets for about 2 months now and they definately create alot more ash than I am used to. I burn full time and find I need to clean oout my Quadrafire Mt. Vernon twice a day, as opposed to once every two days with Eagle Valley or New England Wood Pellets.

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  4. I found these pellets to be less than effecient in my Avalon Astoria. Went from Northern pellet to these & IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference! Extremely high ash content, lower BTU output, & cake like clinkers throuout the whole burn pot left me with the "What did I Do" feeling. This pellet needed much more damper air to burn somewhat completely, & caused the stove to become very dirty, very quickly. To give an idea of the frequency of cleaning, it was 2 times a day! Went back to the Northern, 5 bags of fuel, no cleaning needed!

    Breckwell owners say they like the ACP though.

  5. Does have a lot of ash. My first pellet stove. Burned 1 bag of pellets from agway there was alittle ash. I burned 1 half of bag of acp pellets 4 times as much..

  6. 1/1/10: This is a very good pellet, burns well in my Harmon insert. I bought 3 tons. The problem I experienced is over 50% loss to moisture contamination due to substandard bags! Truly, the packaging is a real negative. ACP needs to convince me that they have addressed this issue before I will purchase again. Be carefull, we didn't realize the extent of the loss until we began unbundling the pallets this winter.

  7. These are the absolute best pellets I have ever burned! I am using a dellpoint europa multi fuel stove and have emptied the ash pan twice during the first ton of pellets. I have also burned half as many pellets as last year so far.

    Reading the other posts I would reccomend buying a couple of bags and trying them in your stove before buying a ton, but I wouldn't buy anything else as long as these are available.

  8. A Breckwell owner for 8 yrs.
    I agree with the high ash content and the need for more frequent cleaning. The BTU seems to be up to standard. This is the first time using this brand of pellet (purchased 3.5 ton).
    My bigest complaint is the fine in some bags. Founf large chuncks of would abouth the size of a flat golf ball. Also have found (in the 1.5 ton I have used so far) that 5 bags I could not use ay all. Looks like pellets have turned to dust and became solid from compacting on skid to the likeness of large rock. When trying to break apart, they turned to dust. The first in counter was a semi bag of the above mentioned and I did not see the stone like mix when filling the hopper. This caused the auger to fill with dust and chunks that would not feed, causeing me to empty the hopper and clean the auger. I have since checked every bag carefully and remove the fines. I store my entire load of pellets in my basement that is at a constant 67-68 degree F. Basement is also dry.
    Supplier has agreed to replace bad bags. I hope I do not fined too many more in the next 2 ton I have left. I will go back to a better pellet enen if the price is higher. Hope this helps and buyer beware.

  9. 7 years with with my Enviro entry level stove. First 3 I burned New England, which were great the first 2 then the product failed. Ash, low btu and clinkers. Next was 3 years of Lignetics. Essentially the same thing. This year I'm burning ACP which seem fine. No clinkers moderate ash. Plenty of btu's. And much cheaper.

  10. I have used these in the past. I have a Harmon stove and due to the small opening (design flaw in my opinion it clogs all the time with the wrong pellets.) That is why i love them despite the increased ash.

    The pellets is the smallest pellets by FAR large diameter but tiny in length.

  11. I bought these because it was all the guy had. Have burned 6 tons previously and had a LOT of ash. Will not buy again if I don't have to. Thought maybe the large diameter had something to do with the ash but it must be the wood they use. REALLY liked the American Wood Fiber AWF pellets from Maryland I burned last. Very little ash with AWF. Diameter was smaller too.

  12. Worst pellets i have used. All true,fines, low heat, very dusty. Try greene team, great!

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