Thursday, January 8, 2009

Greene Team

Review By Aaron

Greene Team Pellet Fuel Company
Garards Fort, PA

Hardwood Pellets

These pellets have been my primary pellet for 4 years now. I pick them up @ local Lowes. Pricing has been all over the place since summer ’08, and now Lowes states that Greene team will not be delivering until 2009.

Greene Team Pellet Fuel is the one company I will compare all of the pellet purchases I get.
These pellets have been the most consistent in size, color and very little fines in the bags.
They produce very small amounts of fine ash.
Over a weeks burn time they do tend to produce small clinkers in my Napoleon.
The Greene Team Produces very good heat.

I would recommend these pellets to anyone who can find them.
Recommend - YES


  1. I have been burning these too. I LOVE them !!! They are by far the hottest pellets to date. The ash is minimal and small clinks,but not many. Lowes is the only place that has these in Maine. If you can get them,then I would.

  2. Started my first load of Green team pellets today! So far so good.

  3. Green Team makes good pellets. I got a few bags of Inferno pellets from my father that I tried to burn and they produced less ash then the green team but I couldn't get any heat out of them. They also clumped a lot. I went back to the Green Team and they warm my whole house with very little clumping. I am afraid to try anything else.

  4. Just bought some yesterday to get me through this latest cold spell. Fantastic, no fines on my glass front of my stove. Have been using Corinth and they have lots of fines in them, cleaned out the hopper before I used the green team pellets and got about two cups of fines in the hopper. Burn hot and clean. 5 stars, and they are at Lowes !!

  5. I bought a ton from lowes in dec 2010, at $187aton :):)and have been very happy with these compaired to hamers,( too many clumped up ashes and little heat) that i was using. Strong heat, nice fluffy ash and very little fines. Nice size, burns well in my accentra insert. I will be buying these for next season, give them a try!

  6. I am a new user of pellet stoves. The dealer carried Greene Team, so I ordered a ton.
    I had no basis for comparison, but I was finding that each time I added a bag, no matter how slowly and cautiously, there were fines EVERYWHERE.
    I took to filtering the pellets outside before using them, and that seriously cut down the cleanup.
    My estimate is that I filtered out close to a half cup of fines per bag. Oh, well, easier that than vacuuming them up in the living areas.
    I am experimenting with other brands now. All seem better than Greene Team, at least on the fines issue.
    By the way, the distributer told me that this year (2011-2012), they have found a serious decline in Greene Team quality.

  7. I had greene team last year and they were better than inferno and whatever bargain brand I had bought from Home Depot. This year I stocked up and bought three tons. BIG mistake! To put it colloquially, they SUCK this year. Fines everywhere, ash buildup and clinkers. Last year's batch only required minimal weekly cleanup. This years batch requires cleanup every two days. Lesson learned for Pellet stove owners: ALWAYS buy a few test bags, even from a brand you had a good experience with.


  9. I have used a pellet stove in Northern New Hampshire for over 15 years
    and tried them all Okanagan Douglas Fir 100% Softwood is the best
    The pellets at the chains (Home Depot, Lowe's, Tractor Supply) we burn 6 tons a winter
    The Douglas Fir we burn less then 5 tons. the lack of ash is incredible we only shut down the stove to clean it once a month now, with all other brands we would need to clean out the ash every 3-5 days. When i first saw the price($370 ton) of this i thought you would have to be crazy to pay this much for pellets the local dealer actually gave me two free bags and said " I'm not worried i know you will love this and be back" we have not burned anything else in our stove since that day.

  10. I like high efficiency, but why is anyone paying 30% more above other premium, low ash, hi BTU rated (~8,000) when oil is half the price it was last year?

  11. great pellets, I will recommed

  12. These burn clean and hot! They also burn slower than our previous choice (American Wood Fibre)